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Getting scammed is a traumatic experience.

I don’t care if people think I was stupid, naive, or not thinking straight.

I was in an emotionally vulnerable state and the scammers played with my mind like psychological rape.

If the debilitating effects of a traumatic event last more than several weeks…

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Everyone’s vegan journey is different.

You might be someone who thought vegans were a bunch of hippies or crazy extremists. And then you might have come to your senses and became one of them. You might have felt sad and angry and numb all at the same time. …

The trick is to not care so much.

Whether it’s writing a blog or getting a new job, you mustn’t think or care about it too much.

It’s weird, I know.

But in my experience at least, the less I care the more productive it gets.

The more articles I can write.

The more job inquiries I get.

How to not care?

It’s hard to pinpoint one tip.

It’s more of a journey of self-discovery.

But basically, you just get to the point where you’re sick of everything and the only way to do things is to do them without much thought or feeling.

Numbness, perhaps.

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Change is hard and slow.

Certain types of change may be easier than others but generally, we are creatures of habit.

We form most of our habits in childhood and sometimes, it’s not even our choice. We’re forced into it by our environments.

By around 20, our habits and even personalities are locked in.

After that, it would take a massive effort to turn things around. Not impossible. But not easy either.

I have been spending months shifting the way I work, when and how I work, as well as my mindset.

In theory, it shouldn’t be so complicated.

Just decide what you want to do or be and change things accordingly.

But in practice, it’s difficult because past habits and lifestyles have been hardwired into our system.

And the only way to change the system is to break things down and build them back up.

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Diyana Rahim

(n.) supplier of beneficence and wellness. INFJ. I write about life as a freelance writer, dancer, and conscious consumer.

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